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By Jazznae Sharee

California Faces Severe Drought Conditions

California officials announced yesterday that beginning this spring they will not be sending water from the state’s reservoir to local agencies. This decision affects the drinking water supply of 25 million people and 1 million acres of farmland.


This is the first time in the 54-years of the State Water Projects history that such a decision has been made.  The State Water Project is a company of water storage and delivery systems, as well as power and pumping plants.


Although the 29 agencies affected by this decision have other resources, those resources have also been hit by California’s drought.


In California’s Central Valley, one of the most fruitful farming areas in the U.S, farmers draw water from a separate system of reservoirs and canals that are also federally run. However, that system also cut back on its delivery deciding on just a fraction of its usual water allotment.


These harsh water conditions could increase if weather sends more storms into the state of California.


California’s water shortage, has been escalading due to three years of below average rain and snowfall.


Felicia Marcus, chairwoman of the State Water Resources Control Board said “This is the most serious drought we’ve faced in modern times”, “We need to conserve what little we have to use later in the year, or even in future years.”


State Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin says that the conservation actions taken are in an effort to save northern California’s diminishing populations of salmon and many other fish.


According to the Department of Water Resources, In order for California’s water conditions to improve and get back to the states average, there will need to be heavy rain and snowfall every other day from now until May

By Jazznae Sharee

Who Do You Think My Next Tattoo Artist Should Be

If you think traveling half way across the world for that perfect somebody is more than crazy, try telling that to the hundreds of people from all over being tattooed by Tattoo Artist Tattrx.

 I stumbled upon Tattrx while searching for my next tattoo wonder to tattoo my precious skin.

Some of us made bad tattoo artist choices when we first started out getting tattoos. For many of us it almost seems like bad tattoos were a “right of passage” into the tattoo culture and it’s addiction. Once you become seasoned in the life, you began to view skin as a biological canvas. You start to wonder 'What artist is talented enough to not only turn my bad tattoos into eclectic art pieces, but also tie all my tattoos together?”… making you a walking master piece.

After seeing Tattrx’s work I think it would be absolutely sinful and down right disrespectful to continue my search. His personal touch of style seems to be a very graceful sense of abstract art. That style allows him a great edge on bringing life to spiritual tattoos that embody sacred geometry philosophies and symbols.

I’m sold! If you need more convincing or would like to see more, visit his tumblr at

By Jazznae Sharee

Devils Due Horror Film Released January 17th

The long anticipated horror film Devils Due hit theaters on January 17th.

The film is about a cute newlywed couple who lose time on their honeymoon. Soon thereafter, the couple finds that they are expecting their first child. Like happy go lucky expecting parents do, they decided to record the pregnancy for posterity. The husband begins to notice that his wife is displaying odd behavior, however, he attributes her behavior to stress. After some time it becomes painstakingly obvious that things are very wrong. 

This sounds like an awesome horror flick that I am dying to see. If you have time on your hands and enjoy horror films, this appears to be worth your time. Time is ticking so you better plan fast; by the looks of the trailer it may be best to catch a matinee.

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